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It works in the field of providing legal activities and legal advice, and among the services it provides: documentation, company establishment and restructuring, litigation and dispute management, contract drafting, contract management and auditing, dispute settlement, and legal examination due to ignorance. It relies on technology in carrying out its work and communicating with its clients in any Makan offers the best of its expertise in the field of various cases related to individuals and companies and their legal work in accordance with the latest international advanced practices in the field of law.

About Company

Success and the trust of our customers is the basis of our continuity

Basma Ethar Law Firm is an extension of the long experience in the legal field in its various fields, and we are keen to provide a wide range of diverse legal services that are characterized by high level of professionalism and specialization, relying on the cumulative experiences of a distinguished group of lawyers and legal advisors.
We always strive to be at the forefront and maintain our reputation through the legal services and legal advice that we provide to our valued clients in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism to achieve the goals and interests of our clients in an efficient and effective manner.

  • our vision

    To excel, innovate and lead by following the best legal methodologies and the latest international practices with optimal employment for the use of advanced technology

  • Our goals

    Achieving a set of harmonious goals, the most important of which are: Positive and effective contribution to enhancing legal awareness in the Saudi society. Providing the best comprehensive legal solutions for diversified sectors and for a wide range of clients and beneficiaries. Achieving the best results in all the cases entrusted to us Regular and professional methods

Our services

Experience and quality of work are the basis of our success and continuity

Judicial representation before quasi-judicial committees

Representing clients from establishments and individuals in all cases (insurance - financing - banking - tax - customs…

Providing legal advice.

These so-called corporate services are as important as the agreement on the actual deal itself because without them…

foreign investment

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is living in light of Vision 2030, a golden age that provides unprecedented…

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